How to Order Photographs or other material.


If you wish to order prints, books, or other services, or have any other queries or requests; you can either email, or telephone me, 7 days a week: 10am - 6pm (UK time). If I’m here, I’m happy to talk!

Email: Tel: 0044 1225 463552. Mobile: 0044 7474 652596

Orders can only be be made directly with me, via Phone, E-Mail, or Letter. 

Please bear in mind however, that I am very much a 'one-man business', and only telephone during the day time: 09.00 - 18.00 hrs, UK time;

Occasional E-catalogues of newly acquired photographs and books are issued at irregular intervals. Please let me know, if you wish to go on my emailing list.

There are, as yet, no facilities for direct online sales on this site. There may eventually be; but that day has not yet come; I'm afraid that you will have to contact me directly!

First and Foremost: please read the conditions detailed below, as well as the 'Terms of Business' page, very carefully, before placing an order. Placing an order implies full acceptance of all the terms and conditions specified.

All material offered for sale on this site is sold on a 'first come-first served' basis. An enquiry as to the availability of any photographs, or any other material, may be made at any time, without any obligation, but this does not constitute an order! No material will be reserved until I have confirmed its availability, and a firm commitment to purchase has been received by me, and I have acknowledged this and issued a pro-forma invoice. If you delay confirming an order, and, in the interval between your making an enquiry, and finally ordering, someone else has placed a confirmed order for the item you want, then that is, sadly, your misfortune, and their good luck! No complaints of this nature will be entertained by me, under any circumstances. If you find something that you want; I strongly recommend ordering it as soon as possible; as rare and unusual items (especially in newly issued photo-catalogues), tend to sell very quickly.

Please do not order anything, unless you intend to actually complete your purchase! (Sadly, I have in the past, repeatedly received time-wasting orders from people, indulging themselves in vicarious retail therapy, who had no serious intention of actually buying anything, but ordered material and then, upon actually receiving a pro-forma invoice, failed to either cancel or pay for their order!)

Therefore, please note that any material ordered: Photographs, Books or Prints, will be reserved for a maximimum of seven days after the issuance of a Pro-forma Invoice. If payment has not been received by the end of this period, the order will automatically be cancelled and the goods returned to stock.

Important Note.

If, after receiving a pro-forma invoice, for whatever reason, you should decide not to proceed with your order; then, as you are fully entitled to, by all means, please contact me and I will be happy to cancel the order, forthwith.

If an order is not completed and payment arranged after 7 days, a reminder will be sent. However, if no further response at all is received; the order will be cancelled, the goods returned to stock, you will be removed from my mailing list, and I will not accept any orders from you again, in the future.

Any clients who may have technical difficulties arranging immediate payment, (such as organising Paypal transactions, bank transfers from the Indian sub-continent etc.) should advise me of this as soon as possible, and I will be happy to make special arrangements.

No order will be shipped however, until payment has been received in full.

Methods of Payment.

Paypal. Preferred payment for all mail orders is now normally by Paypal. Such payments should be made to:

All Prices quoted on this website are in Pounds Sterling, and Paypal Payments will be debited in Pounds Sterling, but may be converted by Paypal to your local currency.

Please note that I no longer accept credit cards for mail order transcations; only for direct sales where the customer is actually present. For larger orders, payment by cheque or BACS bank transfer is preferred, against a pro-forma invoice.

Payments by Cheque: If for any reason, you are unable or unwilling to pay by Paypal or BACS, then I am happy to accept payment by Sterling cheque, against a pro-forma invoice. However the order will be dispatched only after the cheque as been fully cleared. (cheques should be made payable to:  'H. Rayner' )

Please note: with effect from June 2011; cheque guarantee cards are no longer be valid for use in the UK. I now reserve the right to delay collection, shipment or delivery of goods purchased, until any cheques received in payment have been fully cleared.

Contact Information:

I will require the following information in order to process orders:

Your full contact Information i.e. your full name, home or business and shipping address, if different; and home/office or mobile telephone number.

Your valid email address.

All such information is used by me for billing purposes only, and to fulfil customer's orders. Under no circumstances is any client information ever passed on to any third parties, for marketing or any other pruposes.

Important Note: If you are telephoning me from the Indian Sub-continent, with an enquiry or order, then please make it extremely clear, at a very early stage in the conversation, that you are actually a bona-fidé client or enquirer, as I (along with everyone else in the UK!) am constantly (usually 5 -6 times a day!) harassed by phone salespeople, usually from India-based call centres; phoning on behalf of UK companies, and trying to sell cheap cheap car insurance, computer upgrades, double-glazing, etc, etc. Such people are invariably treated by me in an extremely cavalier manner! If I am inadvertantly rude to you, then I apologise in advance, and beg your understanding!

If you feel that any this is impracticable for you, then I can also accept payment by Sterling Cheque or Bank Draft, drawn on a UK bank; by BACS direct bank transfer, or International Postal Order  

If you wish to pay by BACS direct bank transfer; let me know, and I will send you the IBAN and NIC account numbers.


Shipping & Postage.

UK orders are normally shipped by Royal Mail First Class or Special Delivery post.

Postage, shipping, & insurance charges, (if required), are additional, unless otherwise specified, and will be added to the invoice, at cost.

International orders are normally shipped by Royal Mail Airmail, (or by FEDEX for higher value international shipments), unless shipping by another specific courier or other means, is requested. If you have your own courier contract and wish me to use that instead, then please advise accordingly, and I will be happy to do so.

Please note that I no longer ship any orders by International Surface Mail, due to the increasingly extended delivery times (often 2 to 3 months, or more!) and the unreliable international surface mail service offered by Royal Mail Postal Services.

Some material listed here may have postage charges included, this will already be specified (either 'UK postage included', or 'worldwide postage included') in the print description. If it is not, then a specific quote will be given for postage before the order is completed. 

Any postage charges detailed on this website, should be correct as of March 2019, but are subject to change, in line with the regular annual increases in UK postage rates (currently outrageous, by international standards; and likely to increase to the totally extortionate in the future!) I will always give a specfic quote for shipping costs before completing an order.

Orders shipped by post are normally done so entirely at the purchaser's risk, and I will not be held responsible for any items that may be lost in the post. I always obtain proof of postage, and am happy to obtain additional insurance, if required, at the purchasers expense. 

Ecological Packaging.

All orders shipped by mail or courier will be comprehensivly packaged, to minimise the possibilities of damage during transit. Wherever practicable, such packaging will made up from recycled components, ie: bubble wrap, cardboard, envelopes etc, as I try to minimise my ecological effect on the planet. Likewise, orders collected in person, or bought from Book or Photograph Fairs, are also packaged in recycled bags and packaging wherever possible.

Photograph & Print Descriptions:

    All Photographs are comprehensively described and all faults fully detailed, (in fact any faults may be considered to be over emphasised if anything); however, should any material be considered to have been wrongly described, or in any way faulty, it may be returned within 7 days of receipt, at my expense, and a full refund of the purchase price will be made.


The following Abbreviations are used in print descriptions:


Photog: Photographer

Anon. Anonymous/unknown

Alb. Albumen print

Pub. published

Gel. gelatin print.

Plat.: platinum print or Platinotype.

w.a.f. 'with all faults'. (a damaged or reference copy, only; sold 'as is')

attrib. attributed to:

ex lib. ex Public Library copy

ex priv. lib. ex private library copy

orig. original

cond: condition

vg. very good

col. colour

b/w: black and white

lge. large

sm. small

o/w. otherwise

litho. Lithograph

l.a.s.p. Lightly albumenised salt print.

n/d. no date.

m/s. manuscript

inscr. insription/inscribed

n/d. no date

cdv: carte-de-visite

cab. cabinet sized print (usually circa 10x15 cm.)

p/c: postcard

c/m: card mounted

u/m unmounted.

s/p: salt print or Calotype

collod: collodion.

amat: amateur.

prof: professional.

vf: very fine

rev: reverse

obv: obverse


Photograph Description Code


In an attempt to abbreviate and simplify the cataloguing process, I have devised the following code to serve as an initial rough guide; to describe both the physical condition and overall tonality of a photograph. 


The Physical Condition of a print is evaluated on a scale of 1 to 5, as follows :

1. Perfect condition, un-torn and free from all blemishes

2. Very slight damage, edges slightly chipped or frayed; or very slight blemishes to surface, not substantially affecting image quality

3. Some slight tears; larger blemishes or surface damage, but substantially in good condition.

4. Considerable tears or other damage, with loss of part of the image, or substantial surface damage or staining.

5. Very badly torn or otherwise damaged; with substantial loss, acceptable only because of the importance of the image.


The Tonality of the image is evaluated on a similar scale, from A to F :

A. Fine, rich, dark tonality; in original condition as printed, and totally unfaded.

B.  Some very slight traces of fading or mirroring, but overall, a very fine print.

C. Noticeable edge fading or mirroring, but overall still a very good image.

D. Light to Medium Tonality, but still a reasonable image

E. Substantial fading,or staining but still a reasonably usable image; would benefit from digital enhancement.

F. Badly faded, usable only as a reference copy, or requiring substantial digital enhancement.

Thus: an exceptionally fine, undamaged print, virtually as new, would be described cond. 1A, and an extremely badly faded and torn image would be cond. 5F.


An average print, that is generally in good condition and of reasonably good tonality would be rated  2C or 2D. 


N.B. I will be happy to provide further detailed clarification on specific image condition as required.


Print sizes are normally metric (but not always!) and are quoted in centimetres (cm.); they refer to the actual image size, not the mount, (if any), and are approximate (usually slightly undersized, rather than oversized).


 Some Further Important Notes:


    I endeavour to update the lists of material offered on this site as often as possible, and to remove sold items immediately. However, it is inevitable that some items listed on this site, (especially material in pdf photo lists), may no longer be available; but may not yet have been removed; for which, if so, I apologise in advance!

If you order prints or any other material from this site, please wait until you have received definite confirmation from me that an item is still in stock, and has been reserved for you, before assuming that it is yours!

Always bear in mind that, ultimately, you are dealing directly with an occasionally fallible (although always well-meaning!), human being; and not a computer!


N.B:  I will always reply to orders and queries, but please bear in mind that I am virtually a one-man business; so if you don’t receive an immediate response; it may well be for one of several reasons:

1. I am away travelling or working abroad, which usually happens 2 or 3 times a year, and I may occasionally be out of contact for up to 3 weeks or more at a time, but will respond as soon as I return. (please check the News Page for details of any extended absences)

2. Your message has disappeared into cyberspace and I never received it; (relatively unlikely, but it does seem to happen on occasion (as do my replies, sometimes); there’s not much to be done, I’m afraid; except to double check that you used the correct email address, and re-send it at intervals; or try contacting me by telephone!)

3. My reply has been blocked by your spam filter. To avoid this, please add my address to your email address book.


Post Brexit EU Shipping Complications.

All clients in the EU, please note that since January 1st 2021, when Britain foolishly left the EU, all orders shipped to the EU are now potentially liable for import duty, and in some countries, additional customs processing charges (some of these appear to be extortionate!) Although VAT is not charged on books in the UK, in some EU countries, it is.

These charges appear to vary, from country to country, and at present, the exact costs are unclear.

To avoid any unpleasant surprises, please check very carefully with your own customs authorities, before ordering!