Print Gallery

This section is currently still under construction, (as is the entire website, still!), and collections of prints for sale will evetually be added on a regular basis.

There will eventually be a series of illustrated lists of photographs by Samuel Bourne, John Saché, W. W. Hooper, Fred Bremner,  R.B. Holmes, Capt. Lyon, Rajendra Lal Mitra,  Raja Lala Deen Dayal studios,  Frith’s Series of India, Ceylon, Military, Maharajas & Royalty, Himalayas, Burma, Landscape, Architecture, Social & Portraiture, Travel & Transport, etc, etc.

Important Notes:

. The illustrations here are only a pictorial guide to the subject matter of the print and given the variations in scanning; are not to be taken as a definitive guide to the colour or tonality of the actual print.

. Some of the prints may have been scanned  in black and white, and do not show the full colour and tonality of prints which may be heavily gold, sepia or selenium toned.

If you cannot find any photographs of interest here; please contact me with details of what you are looking for, as I have a large stock of early images not yet listed here or fully catalogued.